Varsity tryouts picking up steam

By Preeteesh Peetabh Singh
Dialog Reporter

Huskies soccer hopefuls show thier skills during a recent tryout at Riverdale Park. Photo: Preeteesh Peetabh Singh / the Dialog

Huskies soccer hopefuls show thier skills during a recent tryout at Riverdale Park.
Photo: Preeteesh Peetabh Singh / the Dialog

Varsity tryouts have started and are slowly gaining momentum. The September calendar for the Huskies is packed with tryouts for various athletic sports. The student turnout for the selections has been good this season, with the new students enrolled for the fall semester also joining in. George Brown College (GBC) has seen a noticeable interest in sports among students this time.

The tryouts for men and women’s outdoor soccer is already underway, having started on Aug. 16 and Aug. 30 respectively. The coaches Richard Kirwan and Lucky Boothe have been actively involved with the selection of the final team that is expected to be out by Sept. 11. All tryouts for soccer are scheduled at the Riverdale Park’s east field. Men’s and women’s indoor soccer tryouts are planned for a later date starting on Sept 25.

GBC has set high standards for the selection of the teams this time around. The returning players for the Huskies have also been asked to undergo the tryout process. This move will not only ensure transparency and fairness but also mean tough and healthy competition for a spot on the team. Varsity teams are considered the benchmark for sports in the college, and the players have to go through tough mandates and scrutiny to survive on the field of play. In no case should it be a cakewalk for the players.

Cross country tryouts are scheduled to start on Sept. 6, and will run until Sept. 13. The coach for the cross country team will be Michael Lavigne.

Men’s and women’s basketball tryouts will commence from Sept. 10 and carry on until Sept. 16 across various campus locations of GBC including St James and Casa Loma. Coaches Jonathan Smith and Sharon Butler see some serious talent in the school and are looking forward to the coming season.

Volleyball teams for this season will be under the coaching of Josh Nichol for the men’s team and Clayton Carimbocas for the women’s team. The tryouts for the same are arranged from Sept. 10 to 19.

The GBC badminton squad has a lot of expectations this year keeping in mind their highly successful track record at the previous OCAA and CCAA events. Tryouts will be held from Sept. 25 to Oct. 4 under the coaching of Kim Ng.

George Brown College is gearing up for some thrilling sporting action this season. The prospects are looking wonderful with the tryouts shaping up nicely. If you are interested being part of the Huskies and haven’t registered for the tryouts yet, it’s time to run.


Varsity tryouts picking up steam