Letters to the editor for Sept. 7, 2012

Re: Our home on native land Aug. 10

I really appreciated your report on the last board meeting last month. I look at the “sparks flying” comment and think to myself “did I miss something?” or is he commenting on healthy debate from polar opposite sides of an issue?

That is what we have on the board this year, a very healthy mix of active students doing their best to represent the students of George Brown College.

On the board that is with your voice and a vote. I spoke in favour of the motion and will continue to. In no way though do I have any problem with anyone speaking against it. That is how we keep each other in check and ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Our current board is working together on a number of issues internally and externally. Nothing gets through without mostly healthy debate and consideration.

Some are more vocal then others, but we all have a very important role, and I am proud to be a part of this team. Everyone is welcome to come out and see the “sparks fly” at the September board meeting.

– Chris Bourque, Liberal Arts and Prep Representative


Letters to the editor for Sept. 7, 2012